D I E G O   O L I V E I R A

Movement is Healing

As an active mover the question that has always remained importantly close to me lays in relation between movement and healing, and how movement , dance and performance can serve me into accessing other states of consciousness - I like to think it through forms of activating, altering, or shifting awareness. 





Since early age I notice that I want to become aware of how I move better, how I understand movement in relation to space-time. I was always fascinated with learning movement patterns and executing them with control. As kid it's just fun to climb a tree and jump in the river, to feel the adrenaline running our vessels. As well as gaining confidence at high school dong good at sports. My body was just eager to be challenged, to compete as well. When I manage to move well in terms of feeling connected, aware and in control it could transfer me to different states and I quickly realised an intelligence in that. It seems like the physicality awakens my spirits. I break through limitations, expand my experience of self beyond my own body, like if I'm something else. Later I discovered it in dance.

I believe I'm speaking about the aliveness we all feel at certain moments. That feeling that we expand beyond ourselves, and once we experience this aliveness we suddenly don't need anything else.  I start doing through movement, and it changes the way I organise thinking.


Through physicality i felt i could experience my totality, and on the other side it worked as well as a way to overcome personal struggles I had as a Brazilian boy who spend most of the time on the streets because single mom must work. It offered me  opportunity to become independent.

Then from the age of ten I officially started following jazz dance and street dance dance classes.


But only when I got in touch with contemporary dance and discovered improvisation my heart went wide open and i realised that anything could be dance. That my breath is dance, the trees are dancing, what isn't dance. From this point on my mind was blown way and my universe shifted. I was suddenly dancing on the streets, in the markets, at home and i believed that that was when my feeling of 'Self' expanded and i become really in love with movement and also the expression of ideas in choreography. My social condition was not able to limit me anymore, I felt hope.


In 2007 i entered a professional dance company and by being exposed to a director, more experienced dancers, tours around Brazil, I came to realise that this is what i wanted to do for the rest of my life. This thought arrived from pure passion for this art and never from a vision of building a carrier as a dancer. Yet money was coming as I was expressing myself and meeting new cultures. I felt aligned.


When not in the studios and stages i continue the urban freestyle dancer who honors the movement culture and who remains fascinated with the movement as an art form exclusively from being performed. Sometimes i just must get physical because there's something that my body does so my mind can grasp and somehow it’s how it finds alignment with heart. That's one of the perspectives I take to be powerfully healing and I try to pass on in my teachings as well.  

                                                                                                                      - Diego Oliveira


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